What to Expect During Your First Visit

ED can be a sensitive topic. We've built our clinic around making these common men's issues comfortable to approach so that it's as easy as possible for you to start feeling like your younger self again.

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Scheduling Your Free Consultation

When you call us to schedule your first visit, we'll start by asking a number of questions to narrow down the types of issues you might be having and to determine how we can help.

If it turns out that you aren't eligible for the treatments we provide, we'll be up front about it — the last thing we want to do is waste your time.

If you're a good candidate for our treatment, we'll book the appointment for your free consultation and give you directions to our office. This is also a great time for us to clear up any of the lingering questions you might have about the process up to this point.

Visiting The Clinic

Multnomah Medical Clinic building

When you visit our office, you'll be greeted by our front office manager Brian, whom you will have already met over the phone.

Brian will help you get checked into your appointment, and then you will meet with our board certified medical provider for a full medical evaluation. Then you will meet one of our medical technicians, who will conduct a comprehensive bloodflow ultrasound.

The evaluation and ultrasound will give our medical staff the information they need to know about your unique situation, which will let us plan the optimal treatment course.

Most commonly, treatments will be conducted twice per week for six weeks, although extra sessions can be added as needed.

Next Steps

After you decide to sign up for a course of treatment, there's nothing left to do aside from showing up for your sessions!

Each of these follow-up sessions is typically very short — we usually let patients get in and out of the office within 25 minutes.

Many patients start noticing results surprisingly early on, but in some cases the positive effects start appearing toward the end of the course.

Monitor your results as the weeks progress, and as always, let us know if you have any questions or concerns through our website, over the phone, or when you stop by the office!

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