Are All Wave Therapy Treatments Equal?

Wave therapy treatment for erectile dysfunction has seen huge success, with an ever-increasing number of patients who have benefited from this treatment modality. As a result, numerous men's health clinics have begun offering acoustic wave therapy treatment, and there have even been several product offerings online for wave therapy devices that are advertised as being suitable for at-home, personal treatment.

However, not every wave treatment offering is the same, and it is important to understand what makes some more suitable than others for a safe, successful treatment process.

What To Look For In The Wave Therapy Treatment You Choose

Acoustic wave therapy is oftentimes described as a "breakthrough therapy for ED," and that's because it has emerged as a promising ED treatment relatively recently. Due to its effectiveness, it has been the focus of several studies and has been going through the FDA process to receive approval. However, the FDA has to approve each wave therapy device on an individual basis. The device that a clinic uses varies from clinic to clinic, so it is good to check which device your clinic uses and see if it has been approved by the FDA.

At Multnomah Medical, we use wave treatment devices from STORZ Medical, which have premarket approval from the FDA (the FDA's highest level of approval).

Is Buying Your Own Wave Therapy Device A Good Option?

While the idea of buying a device for completely at home treatment does sound convenient, at the end of the day, acoustic wave therapy is a medical procedure. While you could potentially obtain the medical equipment for a number of different medical procedures, it is never adviseable to forego the expertise of medical professionals and attempt any sort of treatment on yourself.

To paint a picture of how medical expertise is involved in the treatment process at Multnomah Medical Clinic, the very first visit consists of a meeting with our medical provider who will determine whether you are healthy enough to be eligible for treatment and if the treatment is suitable for your unique. They will also assess what treatment schedule and intensity of therapy will provide the optimal results. The medical provider will then ensure that treatment is properly and safely administered throughout the entire course.

These steps are essential for getting the best results and remaining safe, so pursuing treatment with a group who takes these additional steps is ideal.


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