We offer an advanced type of acoustic wave therapy. This protocol addresses the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction – impaired blood vessels and poor blood flow. As men get older, the blood vessels that supply blood to the penis begin to close up and decay.

Our procedure uses pulsating sound waves to treat the penis and penis area. The gentle pulsating waves open up existing blood vessels and stimulate the growth of new blood vessels. This leads to improved blood flow to this sensitive area. The result is increased sensitivity and stronger, longer lasting, more natural, and spontaneous erections.

Why Wave Protocol?

Men have reported improved sexual performance and positive results after receiving treatment. Men who have received these treatments reported much stronger and lasting erections.

In most cases, our treatment results in long lasting improvement.

This therapy is based on extensive clinical research.

Who Is It For?

Most men with erectile dysfunction are candidates for acoustic wave therapy treatment. The treatment is great for men who have not responded to other forms of treatment, such as oral medications, injections, or testosterone replacement therapy.

Whether your ED is mild or severe, acoustic wave therapy has been shown to help.

What Is The Treatment Like?

The acoustic wave therapy treatment is quick, fairly painless and easy. It is an outpatient procedure that takes 25 minutes or less. You’ll be able to go home as soon as it’s done and most men plan sexual activity for as early as that same evening.

Our medical provider or technician will position the machine over the penile shaft and adjust the machine during treatment to ensure the largest area possible is treated. Generally, patients undergo several treatments over several weeks, but every patient is different. More or fewer treatments may be recommended to achieve the best results. Most patients report only mild discomfort during the procedure. Patients report only feeling slight vibrations with no recovery time of any kind.

Does It Work?

Yes. Acoustic Wave Therapy has been shown to increase blood flow and can lead to better erections. You can read the extensive medical research here.

In a study titled "Men's Power-Pressure Wave Erectile Regeneration Therapy", researchers from Cambridge University reported "95% of the men had improved erections based on the SHIM score measurement tool at the last treatment". That basically means that 95% of men that received the treatment had improved erections after acoustic wave therapy treatments.

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