Reshape Your Contours, Eliminate Cellulite with Shockwave Therapy

Cellulite reduction
Body contouring
Skin tightening
Introducing a groundbreaking approach to cellulite reduction and body contouring using focused shockwave therapy.
Our method is entirely non-invasive, requiring no surgery, no injections, and no medications. Experience visible, lasting results with a treatment that's clinically proven to be effective globally.
Popular treatments
Cellulite Reduction
Focused shockwaves target and rejuvenate skin layers, improving circulation and promoting fat cell breakdown. The result? A significant reduction in cellulite appearance, leading to smoother, more toned skin.
Body Contouring
Non-invasive shockwave therapy reshapes and contours the body by eliminating stubborn fat pockets and tightening the skin. Achieve a slimmer silhouette without surgery or downtime.
Skin Tightening
Revitalize and firm your skin with targeted shockwave therapy. This treatment boosts collagen synthesis, tightening and smoothing the skin for a youthful, rejuvenated appearance.
How shockwave therapy works
1. Targets problem areas
Our advanced shockwave technology precisely targets cellulite and fat deposits. Customizable settings allow for tailored treatments that address your specific areas of concern, optimizing results.
2. Stimulates Natural Processes
The therapy boosts blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, facilitating the breakdown of fat cells. It also triggers the body's natural regenerative mechanisms, promoting skin tightening and tissue healing.
3. Enhances Skin Appearance
Regular sessions lead to a noticeable reduction in cellulite and improved skin texture. The combined effects of fat reduction, increased circulation, and cellular regeneration result in smoother, firmer skin and a more sculpted body silhouette.
What sets our shockwave apart
The results from shockwave therapy highly depend on the equipment used. At our clinic, we have the highest quality equipment from Storz Medical.
Additionally, while most clinics only use radial shockwave therapy, we use a combination of Radial + Focused shockwave for the best results.
Radial Shockwave
The most common form of shockwave therapy available. It produces pressure waves that impact on the surface of the skin and travel downwards into the deeper tissues, offering deep tissue effects that cannot be achieved with manual massage or tools.
Focused Shockwave
Focused shockwave is used to precisely target and penetrate deeper areas of the body. Focused Shockwave Therapy (FSWT) has a very high penetrative power and can deliver a precise beam of shockwave energy into a small area and specific part of the target tissue region.

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Awesome group of doctors who care and explain any questions you may ask as well as explain all the procedures that are available.

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Great place to go and have stuff done. Staff is fun friendly. Always truthful and honest. Highly recommended.

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I was a day early for my appointment and they went out of their way to get me in without rescheduling. Very nice. They made it very easy and saved me the great inconvenience of coming back the next day.

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Very professional. Treated with respect. Very accommodating.

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I was treated for my condition for three weeks, the staff, Jay, Kendall and Brian were extremely professional, my experience was unique and interesting to say the least. If you experience this condition I highly recommend [Multnomah Medical Clinic]

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