Research continues to demonstrate the clinical efficacy of Acoustic Wave Therapy.

We've collected a number of articles that highlight the benefits of the treatment we provide.

Featured Research

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Does low intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy have a physiological effect on erectile function? Short-term results of a randomized, double-blind, sham controlled study.
Vardi Y, Appel B, Kilchevsky A, Gruenwald I - Journal of Urology

This... randomized, double-blind, sham controlled study... shows that low intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy has a positive short-term clinical and physiological effect on the erectile function of men who respond to oral phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor therapy.

The feasibility and tolerability of this treatment, coupled with its potential rehabilitative characteristics, make it an attractive new therapeutic option for men with erectile dysfunction.

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Shockwave treatment of erectile dysfunction
Ilan Gruenwald, Boaz Appel, Noam D. Kitrey, Yoram Vardi - Therapeutic Advances in Urology

[Acoustic wave therapy] is a revolutionary treatment of ED, and probably possesses unprecedented qualities that can rehabilitate erectile tissue.

The clinical improvement in subjective erectile function together with the significant improvement in penile hemodynamics following [acoustic wave therapy] confirm that [it] has unique properties that may create a new standard of care for men with ED.

[Acoustic wave therapy] is both feasible and tolerable and without any adverse or unwanted effects.

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Low intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction: a study in an Indian population
Srini VS, Reddy RK, Shultz T, Denes B - Canadian Journal of Urology

In this double-blind, placebo-controlled study, [acoustic wave therapy] demonstrated a positive long term clinical effect with improvement in erectile function of Indian men with vasculogenic ED who were prior responders to PDE5i therapy.

The efficacy and tolerability of this treatment, coupled with its long term benefits and rehabilitative characteristics, make it an attractive new therapeutic option for men with vasculogenic erectile dysfunction.

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A curative therapy for ED edges forward
Arthur L. Burnett, II, MD, MBA, - Urology Times

The concept that [acoustic wave therapy] may subserve curative therapy for ED has driven a great deal of excitement toward this particular treatment. A novelty when initially investigated 5 years ago, it has now been subjected to multiple randomized, placebo-controlled, and additional open-label studies in clinics worldwide, demonstrating impressive efficacy and safety.

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Low-intensity Extracorporeal Shock Wave Treatment Improves Erectile Function: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Zhihua vLu, vGuiting Lin, Amanda Reed-Maldonado, Chunxi Wang, Yung-Chin Lee, Tom F. Lue - European Association of Urology

In recent years, [acoustic wave therapy] for ED has attracted extensive attention. Studies of this topic have increased sharply, and most of these studies reveal encouraging results...

The mechanism of [acoustic wave therapy] is to improve or even reverse the pathologic damage of tissue that causes ED.

From our review, it is clear that [acoustic wave therapy] may have the potential to be the first-choice noninvasive treatment for patients with ED.

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Evaluation of clinical efficacy, safety and patient satisfaction rate after low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy for the treatment of male erectile dysfunction: an Australian first open-label single-arm prospective clinical trial
Eric Chung, Ross Cartmill - BJU International

The current treatment strategies for ED consists predominantly of treatment options that do not address and/or restore underlying pathological changes in the penis and are often associated with various treatment-related side-effects.

A treatment regimen that offers men a safe rehabilitative or even curative intent to regain spontaneous erection is an ideal goal.

Recent publications show that [acoustic wave therapy] can restore natural and spontaneous erectile function by improve penile haemodynamics and underlying pathological changes through its angiogenic properties.

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