Our newest therapy: EMTT

EMTT (Extracorporeal Magnetotransduction Therapy) is the latest addition to our advanced treatment portfilio. EMTT is a leap forward in non-invasive treatment options, offering a new solution for patients with musculoskeletal pain and various chornic conditions.
Non-invasive: EMTT uses magnetic fields to stimulate cellular repair and regeneration, offering a treatment that does not require surgery or medication.Targeted Relief: Designed to target areas of pain and inflammation accurately, EMTT provides focused care for better outcomes.Quick Sessions: Each session is brief, fitting conveniently into your busy schedule.

Complementary therapies

Synergistic with shockwave therapy: Enhance the effectiveness of your treatment plan with a combination of EMTT and shockwave therapy.
Tailored treatment plans: We design our therapies to meet your unique needs, ensuring a comprehensive approach to treatment and recovery.

Your path to recovery

Initial consultation:Discuss your health concerns and goals with our experts and explore how EMTT can be integrated into your treatment
Customized Care: Receive a personalized care plan that combines EMTT with other therapies and approaches offered at our clinic.
Ongoing Support:Our team provides continuous support and adjustments to your treatment plan, ensuring optimal results.

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