ED Information Guide

Here we provide treatment and health information related to erectile dysfunction.

Prescription medications are a common first line defense for ED. How do they work, and are they effective?
Many men who have diabetes also have symptoms of ED to some extent. Find out why.
TriMix is a treatment for ED that is sometimes explored when initial treatment options aren't working. Find out how it works and if it's effective.
A penile implant is an invasive treatment option for men with erectile dysfunction. Learn if it is a good option for you.
Vascular reconstructive surgery is sometimes used as a treatment for ED, but it is costly, invasive, and rarely effective.
Testosterone therapy is a common ED treatment, but it doesn't always work.
Over time, some men no longer get the results they need from prescription ED medications. In these cases, which treatment options are available?
Many men's health clinics are beginning to offer acoustic wave therapy treatment, but not all wave therapies are equally safe or effective.
Many men who have vascular disease also have symptoms of ED to some extent. Find out why.

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